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Everwhen/dreaming this world

(Heaven knows I'm only talking to myself .)

i'm tired of being your satellite
25 September
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dive for dreams or a slogan will topple you

altered states of reality, archangels, art, astral projection, astrology, astronomy, being on top, black and white, blade runner, books, boys with long hair, bunnies, calligraphy, celtic mythology, charles dickens, chocolate chai, clockwork orange, coffee, corduroy, croquet, da vinci, divination, donovan, druidism, e.e. cummings, edward norton, fahrenheit 451, fairytales, garden gnomes, green eyes, h g wells, herman hesse, him, homestarrunner, i ching, ice hockey, incense, independent film, jane siberry, jasmine tea, john irving, johnny depp, jung, karma, kate bush, kerouac, kevin spacey, kitties, kurt cobain, kurt vonnegut, led zeppelin, lipstick, lucid dreams, martial arts movies, maxfield parrish, men in kilts, music, neil gaiman, neil young, nietzche, norse mythology, old boyfriends, oscar wilde, painting, palmistry, passion, patchouli, peace on earth, peter pan, philosophy, pink floyd, pre-raphaelite painters, questioning authority, ralph waldo emerson, random drunken email, reading tombstones, red candles, rene magritte, richard brautigan, scotch whisky, serious poets, shadows on the wall, shagging, shakespeare, shamanism, sherman alexie, silver, sleeping a lot, snow patrol, soul kisses, spiritualism, stargazing, stonehenge, stream-of-consciousness, synchronicity, t. s. eliot, tall ships, tantra, the renaissance, thomas hardy, tibetan buddhism, tim burton, time travel, tolkien, twin souls, u2, uncle tupelo, unrequited love, velvet, vermeer, vinyl, vision quests, w b yeats, walt whitman, wes anderson, worshipping the moon, yoga